i want to wear your hoodies and stay up talking about the universe with you until 3 am and i want to hold your hand and kiss your face and hug you when im sad and have marathons of our favourite shows 

That kiss looks so fucking good though

That kiss looks so fucking good though

Track Title: Chandelier [Piano Version]

Artist: Sia

Album: 1000 Forms of Fear


Sia | Chandelier [Piano Version]


I hate that feeling when you’re not necessarily sad, but you just feel really empty and every little thing gets to you and everyone that talks to you makes you angry and you want to punch everyone in the face


the sims is a game i can play for like 3 days and then i don’t want to touch it for several months

Robert Downey Jr. and Exton Elias Downey for Vanity Fair October 2014

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the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up


Society towards bisexuals